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Three years of serving authentic South Indian food to our customers. What a journey it has been of connecting with many awesome people and treating them to their loved food. It is overwhelming for us to let you know that having each of you ordering food from our restaurant whether, during dine-in or home deliveries, we have tried to touch your lives in some way or the other. We are always looking forward to your

July 24, 2021

4 Of Our Favorite Weekend Brunch Meals

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What’s more enjoyable than having your near and dear ones sharing a wonderful Sunday Brunch on a sunny summer day! Getting up late and having a lazy Sunday Brunch is the perfect way to end a weekend. And what if your brunch consists of delicious dishes and great service from our restaurant? Tempting isn’t it? Whether you wish to dine-in or simply stay at home or order on anjapparcaryonline.com to get your brunch delivered, we
Chettinad cuisine is the most common type of food from the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu. In the early 90s, Tamilians were famous for their exotic spices, sun-dried meats, and dry recipes. In the beginning, the food made by the Chettiars or traders was primarily vegetarian but due to the increase in consumption of non-vegetarian food throughout the state, Chettinars followed suit with their dishes becoming non-vegetarian as well. What are the origins of Chettinad
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Did you know that when you order from any third party, the restaurants end up paying close to 40% commissions per order? You must know that there is a better way to order from your favorite restaurant rather than through third party if you really want them to get the due benefit for your order. When you order through a direct website of the restaurant, you not only make it more profitable for them, but

March 1, 2021

‘Soul Food’ inspired Tandoori Dishes

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As we are celebrating Black History Month in February, Soul Food reflects the nature of African-Americans which is to opt for nutritious and healthy food. Tandoori dishes are also known to be favorites of all those who are health conscious and prefer to go for this option in their diet. Here are our top 3 tandoori dishes on offer – Banjara Chicken – This is prepared by cutting the chicken pieces in tikka size and marinating