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Did you know that when you order from any third party, the restaurants end up paying close to 40% commissions per order? You must know that there is a better way to order from your favorite restaurant rather than through third party if you really want them to get the due benefit for your order. When you order through a direct website of the restaurant, you not only make it more profitable for them, but

March 1, 2021

‘Soul Food’ inspired Tandoori Dishes

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As we are celebrating Black History Month in February, Soul Food reflects the nature of African-Americans which is to opt for nutritious and healthy food. Tandoori dishes are also known to be favorites of all those who are health conscious and prefer to go for this option in their diet. Here are our top 3 tandoori dishes on offer – Banjara Chicken – This is prepared by cutting the chicken pieces in tikka size and marinating
India, the land of Chilis India is well-known for its chilis and the Indian subcontinent has a variety of chilis as it has many states with their flavors and special spices. You will find a range of chilis right from green-chili pepper, Guntur Chili, Kashmiri chilis, Kanthari chili, Byadgi chilli, Bhut Jolokia chili and more. Without chilis, Indian food is not complete. Some of the states that have maximum spices are Rajasthan, Delhi, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and
The holiday season 2020 has arrived and as this year has been a rather difficult year with a threatening pandemic sweeping the globe, the festive mood is far from being dampened and the holidays are brightening and shining with a new promise. With all the security and safety measures that have compelled everyone to slow down a bit – food has always played a constant role despite the misery 2020 has brought. Celebrating in the usual
Anjappar Cary Thanksgiving
Preparing for a Thanksgiving meal can be quite a lot of work for many of us especially during Covid-19 times. Here are some common mistakes many of us may do and can be avoided. 1. Avoid taking the help of your guests – It is understandable that you may know exactly how you want the Thanksgiving meal to be hosted, however, if you can think of delegating a few actions points to your family members,